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  -  Uncategorized   -  Ramon Soler’s High-pipe Tica tap®

The Ethical collection by Ramon Soler® brings us a complete line of pieces designed especially for bathroom spaces. We find in it a minimalist design that at the same time seeks daring and freshness.

Ramon Soler® Expands its ethical collection and presents us with the high-pipe ethical faucet, characterized by the combination of geometric shapes and curved lines in the same creation, always seeking simplicity and balance.

This results in a faucet with a very marked elegance and personality, being able to combine perfectly with any exempt sink. This type of washbasin will give our bathrooms a more sophisticated style, allowing a lot of design freedom, thus satisfying the most creative minds.

This piece is part of the wide range of high pipe taps that we can find in the collections of Ramon Soler®, designed for both private and hotel use.

High-pipe tica is not only beauty, but also presents systems patented by Ramon Soler® that give it an efficiency worthy of highlighting. Among the systems that it integrates stand out the ECOPLUS system that limits the outlet of the water flow, the COOLTOUCH system that increases the safety of the user avoiding burns in contact with his body, the ANTI-LEGIONELA system, among others, that make it ideal for hotels and public spaces.

Ramon Soler®collections offer pieces that can be applicable in any bathroom space, whether minimalist, traditional or avant-garde, making the faucets essential details.


Manufacturer: Ramon Soler Industries

Model: Ethics (Ref. 7510)

Price RPV: 144.4 euros (price without VAT)

Design:Own team


  • Ceramic Cartridge Sink 25 mm
  • Resists static > pressures 16 bar and 20 bar battering rams
  • Shower and Bath-Shower Ceramic Cartridge 35mm
  • Resists static > pressures 16 bar and 25 bar battering rams
  • Flow to 3 bar: Bathroom 20 l/min Shower, sink and bidet 12 l/min
  • Acoustic level at < 3 bar: 20 dB
  • Chrome: 15 microns nickel thickness, 0.3 microns of chromium.
  • Comfort performance at the level of fidelity, sensitivity and constancy in the selection of temperature.
  • Recommended usage pressure: 1-5 bar (Recommended 3 bar)
  • Maximum operating temperature 80oC (Recommended 60-65oC)
  • Cartridge 4750
  • 5-Year Warranty