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  -  Architecture   -  OLI by Pujol Lighting, as avant-garde as it is romantic

Pujol Lighting presents OLI,a suspension lamp that could well have been taken from a fairy tale.

The almost sculptural shapes of OLI offer us sensual but blunt ambient lighting. A geometry that completes any space with an enviable presence.

Softness, beauty and naturalness of shapes are some of the sensations with which silk connects us, sensations that Pujol Lighting manages to transmit us with OLI, which plays with the folds, allowing the passage of light through the fabric of the luminaire. Lto silk lighting offers a very current and trending set of transparencies, reflecting the most organic geometry.
The elegance of this piece is in the harmony of its formal elements. Making use of relative symmetry but with a great innovative approach.

OLI is available in two sizes and three different versions, in ceiling or wall-mounted luminaire. A luminaire that is equipped with a contemporary aesthetic. The elegance of this light composition of form and texture makes around it a space in search of difference.

Pujol Lighting thinks of both the design and functionality of its pieces, and with OLI,it puts at our fingertips a luminaire as avant-garde as it is romantic. It is an ideal time to illuminate our interiors and enjoy them.


Manufacturer:Pujol Lighting

Designer: PUJOL TEAM


Screen finish:Silk

Colours:white and cream

Measurements:C-139: height 80cm

C-140: 170cm

Lighting Type:C-139: 2XT5 24W

C-140: 2XT5 80W

Prices: C-139 522.94

C-140/ST (ceiling installation): 878.24

C-140/SP (wall installation): 867.11