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To sleep

Children’s workout by ECUS

ECUS, as a specialist in rest systems, gives us the keys to create the perfect bedtime routine.

Ecus Kids think about people from the day of their birth. His design team creates mattresses for the little ones in the house, and for this he develops studies that make him a wise connoisseur of what they need for a perfect dream.

There are certain guidelines that help stimulate the arrival of sleep. For this it is important to establish a routine for both parents and the “children” and a good time to start with it is from 6 or 8 weeks. This routine will vary depending on your age, but there are a few basic steps that will help you reconcile your rest.

  1. Let him play a little. This will discharge the accumulated energy.
  2. Bath time. A good bath relaxes and makes the baby warm, clean and dry. It’s a great way to go to bed. If the baby gets nervous during baths or doesn’t enjoy them, it would probably be better to remove them from the nightritual.
  3. Put on your pajamas. The time to put on your pajamas is a good opportunity to spend some time talking to him. This last contact of the day between father and son favors their psychological and physical maturation, as well as strengthening the affective bond between parents and children.
  4. Good night, everybody. Many babies like to say good night to their favorite toys, people… transforming it into a special moment is an ideal choice.
  5. And they slept happily. It’s a classic but they love to hear a story in bed. It’s the perfect ending to the ritual, which is why Ecus Kids has included a special storyteller area on its Dubi Naturemattress, specially designed for parents to sit at the foot of the bed.

A good rest for the little ones is a guarantee with Dubi Nature from Ecus Kids,the ideal mattress for the little ones when leaving the crib.

Dubi Nature has a more consistent area for parents to sit down and not deform the mattress with their weight, so they can read a story to their children every day completing the routine before the dream successfully. An original and practical idea that extends the durability of the mattress in perfect condition.

In addition, the mattress has the properties that every rest system for the little ones should have:

  • The fabric is made of organic cotton in addition to being composed of linen fabric, a characteristic that makes Dubi Nature the perfect cushion for children with more delicate skin.
  • Its foam is hyperventilated.
  • It is adaptable to the child’s body, by its design and because it also contains an anatomical padding.
  • It has side safety barriers.
  • It is reversible and washable.
  • It has OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Dubi Nature fromEcus Kids is the healthiest mattress on the market, for its composition and function, which makes resting the little ones an ideal time.

About ECUS,with a clear vocation to offer comprehensive rest solutions,Ecus is a Spanish company with 25 years of experience in the sector, which currently has an international presence on several continents.

ECUS is committed to a policy of minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. The firm produces electricity using photovoltaic technology, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

Innovation is in the firm’s DNA. A pioneer in some of the most important technologies in the rest sector.