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The user has the last word, in the PopUp KHAMA.ES it was clear that having a good mattress is noticeable and that the signature KHAMA.ES has the perfect mattress for each person.

The essence of PopUp KHAMA.ES was to offer the benefits of a quick nap, under the motto ‘You deserve a rest’, in order for the citizen to know his offer at rest.

For ten days, anyone who approached the Malasaña neighborhood had the opportunity to try the 5 levels of comfort on a mattress, each with different characteristics designed so that each customer can choose the one that best suits their needs and I spend participating in the contest where I can win a weekend in one of the hotels that is already equipped with signature mattresses.

The novelty of PopUp KHAMA.ES is that it did not intend to sell mattresses on the premises itself,but gave the opportunity to feel in the first person the best comfort of a good mattress, taking a nap in the premises itself.

KHAMA.ES values all your experience in designing the best rest in more than 2000 hotels and offering it directly to your customers in your home. His experience has allowed him to base his offer on two points:

  • There are 5 types of mattresses or comfort levels, ranging from harder to softer, which is why they have designed a mattress for each level of comfort:
  • TheTakai 5.5 hardmattress is designed to provide total freedom of movement. After 1500 prototypes we have managed to develop a high foaming core that will allow to achieve the highest possible level of firmness while maintaining the degree of precise adaptability and perfect ventilation.
  • TheAloe 5.4 memory foam mattresshas been tested for over 3000 hours of sleep to achieve perfect comfort at the best possible price. The key is at the core of this mattress, manufactured in our dream factory offers you a high firmness, maintaining a perfect adaptability.
  • TheAgave 5.3 packed springmattress, tested in more than 2000 hotels, strikes the perfect balance between firmness and adaptability, especially designed for couples who require different firmness levels. This mattress provides dimensions of maximum breathability offering the ideal thermal sensation in both summer and winter.
  • The Dera 5.2 with 1200 springs packed(150×190) and viscoelastic,31 centimeters high, has been tested, tested and certified to achieve a level of comfort simply perfect for those who need comfort smooth and enjoy a quiet, rested and placid rest.
  • And finally the KolKa 5.1,with its 34 centimeters this mattress of 1800 piers packed(150X190) combined with a layer of our best Latex,have completed years of work to offer a sweet rest only suitable for gourmets of the Dream.

  • You can only know what is the right comfort for each person sleeping on that mattress. That’s why KHAMA.ES is the only brand on the market that offers 100 trial nights for the customer to try and choose between: stay their mattress, exchange it for another one of different comfort sores or ask to be picked up and returned all their money.

KHAMA.ES is an online sales firm and with this PopUp offered that people could have direct contact with the values of consistency, transparency and honesty of the brand. With a clear vocation to offer personalized solutions of healthy rest,it is a signature with innovative spirit, something that transmitted in the PopUp with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The essence of PopUp KHAMA.ES was to offer the privilege of introducing into our lives the benefits of a quick nap,under the motto ‘You deserve a rest’.