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  -  Architecture   -  Ramon Soler Flagship Store opening event®

Yesterday, the new Flgship Store Ramón Soler,with more than 125 years of history, present their new Flagship Store in the heart of Barcelona (number 107 On the Street Via Augusta). It is a space of exhibition and visualization of the brand, in which you will be invited to discover its wide catalog of taps for bathrooms, kitchens, contract and public spaces. Des des des Barasona design and communication,we carry out the interior design. A design that leads the visitor through an experienced journey in which design and water are protagonists. The presence of water is a fundamental element that makes this space the perfect showcase for the firm. The interior of the flagship store completes the visitor’s experience with two areas where water marks the firm’s innovative character. Following the corridor that leads to the interior of the space, we find a HOTEL area with a large designer sink furniture that has been equipped with sink monocommands, sink taps and showers that can be used, being able to know its on-site operation. A tour that ends with a spectacular hydrotherapy area with the most amazing sprinkler models of the firm.