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Stress is the leading cause of insomnia. To avoid this it is essential to follow basic rules, such as staying away from screens, relaxing, escaping from noises and taking refuge in the dark, trying to consume in the afternoon foods rich in tryptophan such as bananas, pineapple or avocados, and use all the innovation that incorporates the mattress RENERGIE Senttix.

RENERGIE is a mattress that belongs to the collection VIT Senttix has been created to restore the body to its state of greatest well-being, with components that restore the damage caused by the current pace of life, the pollution to which we are exposed daily and the passage of time.

What is RENERGIE compound? All Senttix mattresses are designed with unique elements, designed exclusively to give people the qualities needed for a really healthy rest. RENERGIE uses D-Stress, Multispring® Soft Touch, Hydra+ and Moon Visco.

– D-Stress. The model RENERGIE, includes in its fabric the protection against electromagnetic pollution that reduces negative ions to the minimum expression, and makes disappear all the electrostatic charge that the body accumulates during the day, producing a decrease in the level of cortisol and with it a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

– Multispring® Soft Touch. Inside is the Multispring block® Soft Touch that ensures a perfect, hyper-ventilated support, as well as an extraordinary softness with its double layer of springs.

Hydra+. The RENERGIE mattress featuresHydra+,a fabric enriched with probiotics produced by carotenoids, organic pigments, which are also found in the skin of carrots, melon and tomatoes. Carotenoids are well-known antioxidants because they protect our skin from ultraviolet light and because they prevent and restore the damage that cells suffer from age, by aging. In addition, they stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells and have a beneficial effect on moisture levels and skin softness.

– Moon Visco. The Visco Moon that RENERGIE includes on top, has the perfect balance between adaptability, comfort and air permeability. Visco Moon, with its open cellular structure allows you to enjoy the advantages of visco without suffering the inconvenience of feeling trapped and without breathability.

RENERGIE does not need to be flipped. It is a mattress designed for large beds, and in which all the quality is concentrated in one side. RENERGIE has more layers inside made up of noble and natural materials such as silk and cotton, combined with super soft foam and visco-elastic to perfect comfort.

In addition, the firm offers four VITtoppers to place on top of the Tonique and Thalasso mattresses of the VIT series: Vitamine, Hypnose, Visionaire and Allure BioCrystal. The topper is a touch of customization, an additional layer that the user can choose, adjusting the necessary characteristics to make his mattress the best, being able to adjust the firmness of the mattress, use it as an extra layer depending on the time of the year and providing special benefits for their rest.

Resting is a real pleasure that makes our lives better, Senttix he knows it, and offers luxury mattresses within everyone’s reach.