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  -  Bless you   -  Ice Wall, new proposal from INBECA Wellness Equipment

Wellness is the search for a perfect balance between body and mind, which increases overall well-being and improves health. When it comes to water treatments, in addition to a relaxing experience, a large number of benefits are guaranteed, and although most are ancestral techniques, INBECA Wellness Equipment brings the technology and all its expertise to enhance and multiply those effects.

Creating temperature contrasts is an added value in wellness centers, and within this category, INBECA Wellness Equipment proposes a treatment with environmentally friendly innovations: Ice Wall,the element that seeks a contrast pleasant thermal after a sauna session or steam bath.

The firm offers with Ice Wall an attractive experience by provoking sensations with unique effects on the body. Being interior walls covered with a solid layer of ice, it offers the benefits of ice water: tonify and reactive body and mind, refresh the lungs and cleans the user’s airways, offers stimulation in the blood, improves their provides a remarkable sense of energy recovery.

To these interesting benefits for the human body, is added the technology of Ice Wall,which stands out for guaranteeing a minimum consumption, achieving a reduced expense of water and energy. Technically it is a machinery equipment capable of generating a compacted ice wall about 5 to 10 cm thick, through a dosing system programmed and combined with cold production. An element that can be adjusted to any dimension, in addition to being able to be installed both in a construction room and in a prefabricated room with benches or sun loungers, creating a perfect cold cabin.

The design of Ice Wall INBECA Wellness Equipment,allows to be equipped with attractive designs that can be enhanced with the incorporation of sources of ice, music therapy, polygonal prisms, relaxing or relaxing sounds special backlighting systems behind the wall itself, capable of generating a specific climate of color or change of it, introducing the benefits of chromotherapy and providing added value in terms of sustainability, as it is lighting generated with LED technology.

INBECA Wellness Equipment offers with this innovation an environmentally friendly element that, in turn, increases the well-being of people. A design that is the reflection of a search for sustainable solutions, in tune with the awareness of care and responsible use of natural resources, with the exclusivity of being an area of relaxation and enjoyment.