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  -  Architecture   -  Senttix AuLit: Mind, Body and Soul

Senttix presents at the Feria Habitat Valencia 2018 the AuLit collection,where the folding canapés become elegant, sober, and timeless beds without losing the functionality of always. Also offering designer headboards and bedding.

Good rest, good sleep, has a multitude of benefits that are noticed inside and out. Our appearance, mood and mental state depend heavily on quality sleep and Senttix has arrived to improve your well-being, taking care of every last detail.

The launch of SenttixAuLit will take place at the next Habitat Fair in Valencia, from 18 to 22 September in Hall 3 Stand K15, with an exhibition of almost 300 m2.

This event will present the rest systems of the three Senttixcollections: VIT, LAB and GEA; and also the add-ons from Senttix’s AuLit collection.

Senttix It is a new line of mattresses of sophisticated design, designed to improve the quality of rest by incorporating natural insulating materials, along with fabrics of the highest quality and with all its certified properties.

“At Senttix we embrace the responsibility and opportunity to enjoy a healthier life by focusing on three hotspots”:

– We manufacture simple products at the same time as sufficient to ensure an essential and healthy rest, respecting the environment.

– We use safe materials, without harmful or harmful components, to ensure the health of people in the medium term.

– We take advantage of the latest technological advances to maximize resilience and add complementary benefits.

Senttix consists of a total of three collections:

– VIT. For those users who know that good sleep is health, but that is also beauty. Elegant and stylish mattresses that can do a lot for you, designed with fabrics with certified properties.

– LAB. Products designed for a dynamic user profile, always pending the latest technologies. The ideal mattresses for all those who squeeze the day and deserve the best recovery at night.

– GEA. A selection of resting products where the beautiful, the natural and the useful come along. Natural fabrics and fillers with certificates that prove their sustainability, to achieve a rest like that of a lifetime.

The AuLit collection consists of exclusive pieces manufactured with the utmost care, by expert upholsterers who, piece by piece, conceive by hand, harvest, stretch and adjust each fabric, in search of a perfect finish, treating each piece with the exclusivity and attention it deserves.

The new AuLit collection is designed as the perfect match for Senttixrest systems, and proposes to make the room the most pleasant place in the world, a perfect setting where you can enjoy the best and most restful dreams.

AuLit offers the perfect accessories for Senttix resting systems, such as designer headboards that complement the best mattresses of the brand and bedding, ideal for getting the most comfortable sleep and a magnificent body support, without forget the functionality. In addition, it incorporates a series of folding canapés that combine practicality with technology.

In this way it shows us that functionality and design are not at odds, and solves all the needs that require the most demanding users.