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  -  Bathroom   -  NUKU SPA relies on INBECA Wellness Equipment to equip its wellness facilities

INBECA Wellness Equipment it is the chosen one for large projects, able to provide all the necessary equipment for spaces designed exclusively for the care of our beauty and well-being, giving rise to quality facilities and unique wellness experiences.

The firm has a long history that brings together a wide number of wellness spaces that have been equipped with its elements, such as the exclusive NUKU SPA in the Aran Valley.

The NUKU SPA is a space created for well-being where INBECA Wellness Equipment installs from the essential areas in a spa such as the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool and hydrotherapy area with showers, to more special elements such as a flotarium, a pediluvio and an ice wall. A place where everything is designed to enhance the pleasure of the senses.

NUKU SPA has been equipped with:

Finnish Sauna Line Selecte

Built and lined on the outside with pre-selected high quality wood, the Finnish Sauna Line Selecte features anatomical heads and bunk beds with rounded profiles that maximize comfort.

Steam bath prefabricated cabin gresite

INBECA has the widest range of steam cabins designed for different types of spaces and needs that incorporate, in turn, and optionally, a whole series of accessories that improve the effects of the steam bath. For the NUKU SPA has been incorporated a starry sky that enhances the feeling of relaxation of the treatment.

Ice wall

The ice wall is designed to enjoy the thermal contrast after a sauna or steam bath. In addition, the ICE wall of INBECA Wellness Equipment has chromotherapy options, which functions both as a therapeutic element and to create an inspiring environment.

Prefabricated stainless steel pool

Stainless steel is an elegant and attractive looking material that is molded and handled with high-tech systems allows to achieve a perfect finish respecting the properties of the steel, its brightness and reflections. INBECA has a wide range of models of swimming pools in stainless steel for the different applications that today are essential in wellness center installations.

Hydrotherapy Showers

INBECA has developed different combinations between showers with the aim of optimizing the space-capacity ratio in the thermal contrast phases that were usually equipped with special showers. This project includes showers: tropical bithermal mist, bithermal sequential, contrast cube and hygienic showers.

Thermal contrast pool

In the NUKU SPA the firm installs a swimming pool designed to perform thermal body contrasts, usually used with cold water in combination with the use of saunas or steam baths. Therapy consists of vasodilation caused by body temperature by staying for some time inside a sauna and then diving into cold water causing vasoconstriction.

Float cabin

Known as flotarium, it is a pool with the ability to provide a sense of weightlessness to the user. To this relaxing feeling of weightlessness, INBECA adds a cabin that also provides sensory isolation and takes us away from any outside noise. An effect that simulates floating in the Dead Sea, with great benefits such as stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic system, reducing some mild pains and stripping ourselves of stress.

Infrared sunbeds

The rest phase intensifies the relaxation that treatments such as the sauna or steam bath provide, in INBECA have a Research and Development department that has designed infrared sun loungers, which stimulate and multiply the beneficial effects of such thermal baths.

Bithermal pediluvio

One of the treatments that have become one of the indispensable points of any ideal thermal circuit to reactivate the circulation of the legs. It is a corridor that has a system of bithermal lateral water jets (it alternates cold water and hot water, in addition to different pressures) and boulders in the ground that activates circulation.

Wellness contributes to our well-being, creating beneficial effects in our body such as relaxation and elimination of toxins, up to proper functioning at the internal level of our entire system. A weighty reason for today, the union between pleasure and health are a fact in spaces like NUKU SPA,in which INBECA leaves its seal of quality.

INBECA Wellness Equipment offers a complete catalogue with countless exclusive details, such as the use of latest trend materials or differentiating lighting, which can be included in chromotherapy, to achieve all the benefits of a wellness session Optimal.