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  -  Architecture   -  Single-command shower with integrated Ramon Soler inverter®

Ramon Soler® presents the new single-command Blautherm shower with integrated lever inverter,a shower with a unique design.

This novelty of Ramon Soler ® it is a great advance both technologically and aesthetically, since integrating the inverter into the lever, the single command acquires a more refined line: there is no longer any piece that hinders the pure lines of the shower assembly.

Looks like a thermostatic faucet But it’s a single control with integrated inverter. On the one hand, one of its two controls regulates the flow rate and temperature, while the other control has the function of two-way inverter (to choose the water outlet by the cenital sprinkler or by the handheld shower).

With this system the aesthetics of the set take on a more refined and elegant look, without the traditional pass-through wrench that reverses the two water outlets.

Blautherm single control with integrated inverter is 100 brass.

The firm is pure innovation and makes clear, once again, its constant research giving rise to parts with systems that improve its functionality. Blautherm single control with integrated inversor has three systems patented by Ramon Soler®:

  • TERMOSTOP Block (T38oC lock), which avoids the risk of burns, especially in users with physical or sensory difficulties, as well as excessive consumption of hot water.
  • OILPLUS flow-saving,a patented dual-flow system. When pressing the lever to open the faucet, the user notices the resistance at a point in the route, where the 50 flow rate is supplied, without losing the comfort of use.
  • COOLTOUCH,the system that keeps the metal surface of the taps cold-tempered to the touch, which increases the safety of users in the absence of a risk of burns.

The single-control shower with integrated inverter of Ramon Soler® is ideal for the contract sector and latest projects, in which the image is worth a thousand words and the operation of its pieces requires the maximum Comfort.

Blautherm Single-control with integrated inverter has a 5-year warranty and is an ideal choice for projects where the design is taken care of to the smallest detail.

Ramon Soler® it adapts to the highest demands of the market by always taking a step forward with its R&D&I equipment. Their systems are not only environmentally friendly, but also improve people’s lives.


Design : Own team


Ceramic frames.

100 brass

Termostop Block System

Eco Plus System

Cooltouch System

Flow rate at 3 bar: 20 l/min.

Designated coating thickness: 15 mm nickel thickness, 0.3 mm chromium.

5-year warranty.

PVP price:

Large Shower Set with inverted single-control tap ref. 9378RP240… 316.6 EUR (vat apart)

Large Shower Set with inverted single-control tap ref. 9374RP240… 348.4 EUR (vat apart)