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  -  comunicación   -  Senttix (ECU) donates mattresses and pillows to help Ukrainian refugees in Murcia

has collaborated in the furnishing of the building that the City of Murcia has donated to Accem to welcome refugees for the invasion of Ukraine.

Specifically, Senttix (Ecus Sleep, S.L.) has collaborated with Accem by donating 124 mattresses of 100 x 190 cm and 43 pillows. Also our supplier Fabricados Durus (SanMartínez S.L.) donated 40 box springs with legs and Naygar took care of the assembly and logistics costs of delivery of all mattresses, bases and pillows free of charge. In total, some 13 companies from different parts of the region have participated to start up the building, providing equipment, services or financial aid.

The NGO Accem specialises in asylum, international protection and social integration of refugees. Annually they serve about 13000 refugees in Spain, but in recent months refugees from Ukraine have far exceeded this figure. Only in the Region of Murcia are serving 75 people of Ukrainian origin a day, mostly women with minor children in their care.

Given the need for asylum of all these people, the City of Murcia has donated to Accem a new building (Tapies Building) in the Santiago el Mayor neighborhood (Ronda Sur), where entire families can be accommodated. A total of 21 homes that have needed furniture equipment and basic utensils. Faced with Accem’s request for collaboration, Senttix did not hesitate to collaborate.

The inauguration of the shelters took place on Monday, 20 June, coinciding with World Refugee Day.

Foto: Colchones y almohadas donados por Senttix (Ecus) a la ONG Accem para los pisos de acogida.

This is one more of the actions that Senttix has carried out within the support of refugees from Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Senttix volunteers have been activated to carry out a campaign to collect non-perishable food, medicines and hygiene products. What began as an internal action reached the ears of the entire Yeclana society, generating a wave of solidarity. The entire town of Yecla joined the collection campaign through non-profit associations such as AYAC, the Church of the Child, schools such as La Inmaculada and San Francisco, companies and shops such as Tespol, Muebles Orga, Nati Varita, Óptica Coloma, anonymous people who came to the facilities, etc. Thanks to everyone’s help, we collected a total of 7,491 kg, which we distributed among different associations to take it to the border with Ukraine.

The initiative of the collection campaign arose among senttix workers due to the close relationship that one of the employees has with Ukraine. Through her and other workers, she contacted several organizations that are currently carrying out relief work in Ukraine, to whom Senttix offered all the donated material that was collected.


Foto: Parte del material recogido fue enviado a Ucrania en el camión solidario del Grupo Caliche.


 Foto: Se envió material con otras asociaciones, por ejemplo, con el consulado de Ucrania en Málaga.

Last May they hired two girls who came from Ukraine. They do not know the language, but it is not inconvenient, because together they help them to understand them and carry out their work normally. One is in the Upholstery section and the other in the Structures section, being the first woman to be part of this section. With them, in the Senttix team they already have 6 nationalities in addition to the Spanish: Romanian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Belgian, Moroccan and Ukrainian.

Senttix’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on acting, beyond legal requirements, in accordance with the values of honesty, close treatment and commitment, always being at the side of people and generating the least possible impact on the environment.

At Senttix they have always been aware of the responsibility that companies have, as an active and important part of society, to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and just world. That is why they are committed to a responsible business model, involving their customers, suppliers and, above all, their human team.