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  -  Decoration   -  A minimalist gesture

Font Barcelona,high-end lighting manufacturer presents electrical mechanisms that are a real delight.

The Five dot One (5.1) collection from Font Barcelona brings together the glamour made by electrical mechanisms.

Five dot One (5.1) is a minimalist design product that combines with any decorative style. These are completely different pieces to everything that existed in the market thus enriching the possibilities of the most demanding interior architect.

Font Barcelona presents with Five dot One (5.1) custom electrical mechanisms where each of its elements can be exchanged. Thus you can have an electrical system perfectly suitable for each environment.

The Five dot One (5.1) range of switches is complemented by other lighting parts such as lightwashers, reading lamps and light beacons to deliver global solutions.

Its careful design results in a piece that not only presents a refined aesthetic, but its operation also requires a gesture of purity and unique elegance.