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The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces of the house

Throughout history the concept of cooking has evolved into a meeting point, where both together with the family and with our guests, we can have a pleasant time while cooking.
There are no longer walls separating the dining room from the kitchen, even the living room is visible from the fires.

The change in the distribution of kitchens is evident, as much as their aesthetics: increasingly sophisticated, with design solutions that make them truly spectacular.

When it comes to choosing the lighting the portholes are more than history! The culinary delight is already an experience, we accompany the taste with the view, the design luminaires are a safe bet for a luxury kitchen.
Pujol Lighting has a wide range of luminaires that fit perfectly in the kitchens.

For refined style projects in which design makes a difference, Pujol Lighting creates PLASMA. A collection of futuristic aesthetics that gives off a pleasant and uniform almost infinite light, fruit of its dimension and its rounded design.

Because both when it comes to tasting and when it comes to cooking we need a unique lighting.