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Rapid and effective renovation of outdoor pallets

The professional way to renovate outdoor pallets

It is now time for outdoor pallet renovations and BONA,as a specialist in the maintenance of wooden floors, offers a cleaning machine that attaches to a powerful cleaner, prepares the floor before oiling.

An outdoor platform is always subject to different elements of the weather, including severe sun rays, heavy rain and snow. A clean-up and a complete renovation usually takes a few days, which is an investment of time and money. BONA offers a complete system Bona Decking System:a quick and convenient solution that involves two unique deep cleaning and protection processes in less than a single day. In addition, the system Bona Decking System always respects environmental sustainability and health.

If you want to have a wooden platform that lasts many years and is like the first day, you just have to follow 2 steps:

  • Step 1 – Deep Cleaning
  • Step 2 – Oiled


To ensure a smooth and smooth final surface, the pallet should be cleaned and thoroughly prepared before starting the oiling process.

Bona Decking System is an exclusive system that thoroughly cleans the outdoor flooring by penetrating the grains of the wood to ensure removal of dust and moss. In addition, it revitalizes and prepares the platform for the application of a new layer of durable protection.

An effective cleaning process before oiling

The Bona Decking System consists of the innovative Bona PowerScrubber cleaning machine and the special Bona Deep Clean Solutioncleaner.

Bona PowerScrubber is a compact and powerful cleaning machine. Its two brushes, which rotate in opposite directions, along with the Bona Deep Clean Solutioncleaner, easily remove the most embedded and persistent dirt from the wooden pallets.

Exclusive technique of brushes that rotate in opposite directions

The Bona PowerScrubber brushes have been specially developed to achieve maximum effectiveness on wooden surfaces. They turn in different directions and clean the wood, entering even the veins and fibers in it. The Bona PowerScrubbermachine, unlike other high-pressure cleaning/scrubber machines used on outdoor terraces, leaves no swirling mark and ensures a superb surface ready for oiling.

The unparalleled effectiveness of this cleaning process is the result of combining the state-of-the-art technology of Bona’s PowerScrubber machine and the special formula of the Bona Deep Clean Solution.

  • Step 2: OILED

A nice and durable protection: Bona Decking Oil

Bona Decking Oil keeps the outdoor pallets as if they were new. It is filtered to the inside of the wood and granted a robust protection throughout the year.

It is formed from vegetable oils and contains additives that reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation on wood.

The new formula greatly improves the protective properties of the oil. The platform will suffer fewer cracks, have greater protection against aging caused by UV rays and better prevent water penetration. Bona Decking Oil is available in 2.5 litre packs for all colours and also in a 10 litre container for neutral.

Makes the job easier

The exclusive formula of Bona Decking Oil is made from a concentrated blend of natural vegetable oils, facilitating its application with a brush

Great performance and quick drying

Its exclusive formula provides a yield of approximately 20 m2 liter, depending on the type of wood and its porosity. Its quick-drying properties allow the soil to be used the day after application.

Prevents cracks and whitening caused by UV rays

Its excellent penetration minimizes the amount of excess oil to be removed, while reducing cracks and whitening that occurs by UV rays.

The environment and health as a central aspect

All BONA solutions are developed with environmental sustainability and health in mind. Whether you are a professional working with our solutions, or an owner who lives on a soil protected by Bona,your safety and health are our priority.

The Bona PowerScrubber machine has been ergonomically developed to allow easy use in an upright position and smooth ground movement. Bona Deep Clean Solution cleaner and Bona Decking Oil have a low VOC and reduced odor.