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  -  Decoration   -  Waterfall in the sink

Ramon Soler offers us Arola BLACK&WHITE,betting on coloured taps. The color it offers is based on the eternal polar opposites that have always been attracted: black and white.

BLACK&WHITE belongs to the Arola collection signed by the designer Antoni Arola,who is committed to sustainable design by creating taps designed for the saving of natural resources.

Ramon Soler’s Arola collection incorporates the most suitable technology to each type of faucet: that is why in sinks it uses progressive cartridges of cold water opening and water outlet in a beautiful waterfall, which returns us to the natural state.

The progressive cartridge in sinks is a functional, ecological and very advanced proposal, because you save water and energy.

Returning to the natural gives us life, and Arola de Ramon Soler transports us to a paradise of natural waterfalls in our daily toilet.