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  -  Decoration   -  IRRESISTIBLE BEDROOM

Photo: Fontini

The bedroom is one of the most intimate rooms with the most personality of our house. It is advisable to give a personal touch to our bedroom to feel comfortable and identify with the space since at least eight hours a day we spend sleeping, reading or just resting.

Getting a quiet environment doesn’t mean we can’t add some bright, bright touches of colors, it all depends on how we use the color!

It brings touches of bright colors thanks to accessories such as cushions, curtains, candles… that said, at most, two colors. You can also combine the quilt with the carpet and you will get an irresistible bedroom if you sensory wide the space by placing mirrors strategically.

And what better for this autumn than to decorate a corner of our bedroom with a bouquet of flowers full of colors that add energy to this season. A good tip for our floral center is to make it a simple arrangement with a soft aroma.