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  -  Decoration   -  Shower or bathtub?

One of the most requested reforms today is to swap the bathtub for a shower.

The shower has many points in favor: it is easy to access, comfortable and useful, reasons that will surely motivate you to do the work.

Sometimes, it is possible not to give up the bathtub and have the opportunity to have the two elements in the same room that fulfill complementary functions.

In some cases, this is not possible and we must choose between both toilets or, if the house has more than one bathroom, choose to keep the bathtub in one of them and make the change in the other.

If you opt for the shower, we recommend opening your mind and discovering the number of models that are sure to fit your needs.

If you choose a shower, the space you save is very significant.

You can also opt for showers with hydromassage, jets… and you can even opt for a cabin with sauna.

An important element in showers are screens, which can be alien or part of the shower itself. If you opt for the shower, you can create unique spaces from a beautiful and elegant model, which lets you see through the glass screen the tiles of your choice.

The type of coating is infinitely varied, so be creative and combine colors that embellish your bathroom.

In the photo we propose there is total accessibility with the walk-in shower tray and we appreciate the sense of spaciousness that this element produces. The cladding chosen on the wall is glass mosaic because it gives a lot of light and elegance to any bathroom.

With a shower like this we can brighten our day!