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  -  Decoration   -  Master lecture on the power of communication by Carmen Barasona at Casa Decor

The master conference on Interiordesign and Communication at the Crea & Innova conference at Casa Decor was a great success because it dealt with topics as current as the power of communication, social networks and the internationalization of brands.

In our exhibition we show a significant number of interior design projects carried out by our agency, each and every one of these projects, have been thought not only as an interior design project, but also as a communication project.

All projects have to be designed for further communication. In our agency, even a photo shoot of a customer’s space, is pampered down every last detail, we can stay an hour to get a valid image and an entire morning to get the report of a small space.

Because we know that these images, worked, suffered in many cases, will attract fellow press members, for publication.

At Barasona, we believe in communication as a means to get new customers, and in internationalization, as a means of expansion, and expansion of our client portfolio.

Success Stories were discussed, such as the Suite Single project of Casa Decor 2009 where the Communication project even surpassed the interior design project.

And he did not forget the great power of interrelationship, and ultimately of communication, that have for the companies today social networks at our fingertips, can be carried out important campaigns with cost, assumed by any firm.

These topics were worked on and explanatory videos were screened to be able to understand in detail these current concepts.