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  -  Decoration   -  This Christmas gives children a Teleshower with LEDs by Ramon Soler

If you want to succeed this Christmas, we have a solution for children to entertain themselves in the shower without daily grooming becoming a punishment.


Ramon Soler has launched a hand sprinkler very attractive for the kings of the house, also has thought of the parents because it does not require electrical installation, since you only have to change the hand sprinkler that you had for this new one.9313_led_rgb_Ramon_Solere

Hygienic habits must be introduced from childhood in a clear way and should become a relaxing and pleasant activity.

For this reason, we recommend this hand shower with an absolutely groundbreaking design, which changes light tone according to an established sequence. It also has a very tight price so that we can all enjoy this new sprinkler.

Ramon Soler’s shower contains bright light LEDs that are activated by the fluid of the water and make them awaken new sensations in children, while interacting with them. The colors of the light it emits are eye-catching, and in this way the children can enjoy this new shower with color, while washing and we get them entertained.

Model 9313 “LED” Led shower handle with chrome finish.

RPV from 33.9 EUR (VAT not included)

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Hand held shower great for kids


We have created a solution so that children do not have to dread their daily shower. Ramon Soler has launched a hand held showerhead which is very attractive for the kids in the house, adding to the fact that it needs no wiring and is easy for parents to adapt to the existing shower installation.

Personal hygiene habits must be introduced in infancy and should be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Due to this reason, we recommend this hand held shower with a groundbreaking design, which changes color when there is a water temperature change. It also has a very good price so that we can all enjoy this fantastic new product.

The Ramon Soler teleshower contains brilliant LED illumination which is activated with the water flow and helps to discover new sensations when they use it. The colors a striking and due to this our children can enjoy a new colorful shower whilst at the same time being entertained and getting scrubbed down !