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  -  Decoration   -  The Kings of the House

Christmas is time to be with family, and what better time to take advantage of these dates to decorate the house with the little ones. To decorate with them is to fill our home with positive energy, pure creativity and joy.

Children have an innate ability to fill the house with details at this time of year and are the real protagonists for the great illusion with which these dates live.

Children love crafts and will be happy to help in the decoration of our home, which adds an extra charm to the decorated experience.

Helping us in these decorating tasks makes children tend to be more proud of their work and will be happy when the elders ask them for advice on how to place a Christmas detail or when we encourage them to hang the details of the tree, or when they are Let us ask to collaborate in the decoration of the Christmas table… all of this will increase family ties.

Our Christmas began with a walk in the forest collecting pineapples, branches and dried leaves, we painted them white, we put silver glitter on them… and the result is authentic and familiar. We have decorated the tree with pineapples, leaves and with golden balls but painted by children…

We recommend that on this special occasion you discover the spirit of Christmas as a family, creating art, exclusive and artisanal details for them and WITH THEM.