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  -  Decoration   -  New Year’s Eve Dinner

New Year’s Eve dinner is the most special time of the year, and in 2012 we will try to be more original and not forget that a good decoration will give a good Christmas atmosphere. At Christmas we like to get ready to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones, it is for this reason that our home and in this case our New Year’s Eve table has to live up to these special circumstances.

To get it right with a good decoration on the New Year’s Eve table, we propose you to be bold and risk combining glasses with glasses in different ways. Start by combining clear glass with other silver and gold accents, bringing Christmas spirit and luxury to your table. It will highlight your good taste if you opt for glass as a classic and timeless material. The crystal allows you to easily combine with other materials and objects Play with their reflections and you will see what they look like!

We propose that you combine silver details, glass, mirror, white or silver candles, white tablecloths… combining these elements is quite simple and works well by getting an elegant and glamorous table. Whites give a very winter atmosphere to the decoration and attached to the glass, the silver tones and the mirror, is an alternative to the traditional Christmas red.

We can not forget the lighting in this important area, be creative and choose some kind of alternative indirect lighting, such as lights, to create a magical and intimate atmosphere for these parties.