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  -  Decoration   -  Millesime Madrid 2015: An event that unites haute cuisine and design

Millesime Madrid is synonymous with the future and in its ninth edition continues to innovate in its image thanks to the design and original works of international artists. In addition to the presence of relevant figures of international haute cuisine, several design and architecture teams participate in the creation of new environments, impregnated with their personal seal.

The Millesime salons, aimed at companies, Premium brands and media, are held every year and their composition is an ode to the world’s haute cuisine: a showcase of temptations, the great gastronomic walkway where a spectacular montage uncovers the flavors of haute cuisine inside and outside our country.

This year Millesime, under the name The Circus, innovates in its concept by changing the dates to the month of June, welcoming the summer and enhancing seasonal products such as tuna, vegetables from our garden and an even more refreshing and imaginative cocktail. A reflection of the kitchens of the world exposed from a scoundrel, different and grandiose point of view that takes place during the 16,17,18 and 19 June, in the Multipurpose Pavilion (Satellite Arena) of the Casa de Campo.

In addition, Mexico, the country invited in this edition, will surprise our senses, thanks to the presence of the most recognized chefs of the Republic and its native products. A show more than guaranteed, full of surprises and delicacy for all the senses.


Millesime Madrid 2015

June 16, 17, 18 and 19

Multipurpose Pavilion II (next to Arena Pavilion)
Casa de Campo Madrid Fairgrounds