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  -  Decoration   -  CANCIO Infinity Chair, ergonomics and design in one piece of high quality
The firm launches the new Infinity chair, which completes the collection of Infinity tables and armchairs, to offer an exceptional set.

, as a specialist manufacturer, contract furniture offers the new Infinity chairs.

Infinity, is a versatile chair model ideal for contract in both hotels and restaurants. It is also an ideal chair for residential projects as it adapts to any living room and dining area. Its great performance and its high quality, together with its exquisite design make it a chair capable of equipping the most demanding interiors.

There is the possibility of being able to equip the entire room with the Infinity L, Infinity XL armchairs and the infinity table. A set that becomes a great option highly valued by architects, interior designers, decorators and professionals in the contract sector.

The legs of the
Infinity chair
are in solid 10mm steel and are lacquered in epoxy steel, which can be white, titanium, bronz, anthracite or black. They have a design of inclined planes united in the same center, which gives it a very attractive visual lightness. It also has a non-slip resin foot that gives it an added value of security.

Its seat offers perfect ergonomics for prolonged use and offers a wide range of finishes, which will fit into all projects. It is a continuous seat and backrest, the same piece as comfortable as it is beautiful.

The seat can be either dyed plywood, lacquered plywood or with a 27mm upholstery. Also offered for the backrest is the Tessuto option, an option that combines the beech plywood backrest with an upholstered pad in the desired finish.

The upholstery is very varied offering from vinyl upholstered seats (with fireproof properties, antibacterial protection, and anti-stain finish) to textiles, including the Mystic or Bellagio ranges with AquaClean (formula that allows you to clean only with water any type of stain).

At Cancio, they use high-quality materials that provide a long service life. The wood used is beech of European origin from sustainably managed forests. For the manufacturer, the most important thing is the planet and people, for this reason sustainability is in its DNA and the design of its furniture is versatile, adapting to any need for space.

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