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  -  Indoor Projects   -  Bona Sportive System: top-performing sports floors internationally

The most stringent requirements for each sport

The sports floor imposes very specific requirements, in terms of painting and finishing. Unlike common hardwood floors, sports floors are subject to strong impacts, movement and flex, due to the pace of modern sports.

The soil has to absorb the impact and minimize injuries, without affecting performance.

Other important factors are: friction, wear and impact resistance, and even brightness levels.

When it comes to sport, every piece of equipment is crucial for the athlete. This is why FIBA has chosen the Bona brand as the Official Technical Partner for the treatment and care of sports wood floors.

Bonabelieves in a functional pavement to achieve optimal performance of wooden floors. From the manufacturing and safety process of your products, to the finishing and maintenance of surfaces, they can become standard stherein worldwide.

That’s why professional stadiums around the world entrust their wooden floors to Bona and its exclusive Bona Sportive System – a full range of products and services specially developed to meet the demands of the floors current sports cars.

Approved by FIBA – Trusted by world champions

FIBA (International Basketball Governing Body) is the only competent authority in sport, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Bona,who as FIBA’s Official Technical Partner, plays an important role in ensuring, in exclusivity, the highest standards for the performance of wooden sports floors on Olympic courts and professional league stadiums.

Official European Standard

Bona complies with European regulations to ensure that all floors for professional sports comply with the requirements of EN 14904:2006, the official European standard for indoor sports floors. This also applies to the finishes and procedures used for their maintenance.

A complete system for worldwide performance

Bona Sportive System provides a comprehensive solution of unprecedented excellence in its application, athletic performance, and soil maintenance. Its products, fully compatible with each other and their services, make the procedure easier and easier.

The end result is a surface optimized for sports, in terms of resistance levels, slippage, brightness and service life. Bonacleaning and maintenance products ensure that the original properties of the wooden floor are preserved for a long time.

The Bona Sportive System has been developed with the professional in mind ensuring the best result in a minimum of time.

Benefits of the Bona Sportive System

1. Simple and safe procedure

Full compatibility between primers, finishes, paints and cleaning products

Safe repainting, the Bona paint of fast drying and without dripping, allows the application of layers with a minimum time.

No additional sanding after application, so no valuable time is wasted during the work process.

Assured adherence

2. Perfect for any type of game

Perfect slip resistance with non-slip optimized for game safety and avoid injury.

Maximum hardness

Optimal flexibility

3. Maximum service life

Protects and preserves Bona Sportive System,includes specially developed cleaning solutions with effective and easy-to-use products To keep the wooden floor in its original optimal condition.

Eliminates marks, stains, sweat and fat accumulation while preserving the varnish layer.

Soft and safe for the player with durability against intense impact and movement

Bona,the world’s leading innovative company, with a unique system for the treatment of wooden floors, offers with the Bona Sportive System the highest performance sports floors internationally.