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  -  Decoration   -  COURANT D’AIR by CéLINE WRIGHT

ONELINE WRIGHT, true to its style imbued with delicate and wise nature, presents COURANT D’AIR, a luminaire characterized by the naturalness of its raw materials and the harmony of its organic lines.

The COURANT D’AIR ceiling luminaire consists of four Washi cocoons (Japanese paper), each different in shape and texture and fastened by two rattan wooden antlers.

The illuminating bodies are height adjustable along the suspension cable, which makes COURANT D’AIR a customizable piece that provides a subtle and warm lighting based on halogen bulbs built into the lamp.

A marble boulder at the lower end provides the weight needed to maintain cable tension.

To install COURANT D’AIR the signature has two connection versions that facilitate installation, ceiling by flower or to any plug using a supplied plug.

LINE WRIGHT in COURANT D’AIR brings together with an innate balance, natural materials and great beauty such as washi, rattan wood and marble, making this model an ideal luminaire for projects that praise craftsmanship loaded with elegance.