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  -  Indoor Projects   -  Fontini electrical surface installation: Industrial beauty.

Industrial aesthetics is an increasingly present trend in our homes and Fontini joins it creating a complete surface electrical system with junction boxes, metal and glass plugs and switches. The electrical surface system offers curves, sleeves, elbows and metal eses so that it can be easily installed on any wall.

With these surface electrical installations we manage to create cool-looking environments, where you do not need to hide the electrical system but to show it.

Fontini’s visible electrical installation systems are very noteworthy because they are an absolutely beautiful alternative to the unsightly plastic pipes of the installations seen that the market has so far offered us.

Fontini unifies the existing metal tubes on the market with boxes also metallic and opaque glass frame, making the whole installation a single element, purist and elegant image.

The white glass frame gives it a clean and transparent air that accompanies the philosophy of this type of installation: elements that do not hide in the eye and awaken sensations of clarity with quality materials.

This fontini proposal gives us the pleasure of renewing, reforming and even making new electrical installations, giving them an industrial aspect, with the benefit that they adapt in all kinds of architectures.

Just walk the streets and observe how even the most current premises are employed, by the best interior designers of the moment, this decorative alternative to the recessed installation, due to the conditions of the buildings, which on many occasions, they have brick walls or even natural stone walls that interior design appreciates and counts as an added value impossible to hide and thanks to Fontini,you can install a complete and exclusive electrical system of the brand that also offers a great industrial and contemporary beauty.

In these walls where you can not make a built-in electrical system and in avant-garde spaces is ideal the exclusive surface electrical system presented by Fontini,a perfect system both at the level of solution and design.