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  -  News   -  BRIDGE by Font Barcelona

Font Barcelona presents BRIDGE,a collection of electrical mechanisms, which reinterprets the small key mechanisms, treating the switch as a wall jewel.

The main novelty is that, unlike the usual, the key is not intended to go unnoticed or inserted into the plate but float freely, as suspended in the vacuum.

BRIDGE is a collection of architectural and minimalist design in which the volume of its key stands out. The result is formally interesting because, like a contemporary sculpture, it plays with light by creating chiaroscuros. Light, shadow and a very simple volume that moves as the switch is on-off.

Architects, interior designers, decorators and design lovers find in the novelty of Font Barcelona the unique mechanism that completes spaces in a truly unique way.

In addition, BRIDGE has been designed entirely digitally and all prototypes have been generated directly in 3d printing on steel; allowing an absolutely accurate assessment of the result, both formally and visually.

Font Barcelona achievethe perfect harmony between design, functionality and the highest quality. The materials in the collection are very important, choosing the best quality and providing a wide choice in the final result.

“A new collection has born”.