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  -  News   -  CANCIO presents the NUBA collection

Versatility, design and functionality

The Nordic design is a reference in interior design for its minimalist character, its soft textures and the use of harmonious colors. CANCIO,furniture manufacturer, presents NUBA,a collection of Scandinavian aesthetics that stands out for its design of soft lines.


NUBA,inspired by the organic volumes and the essence of the most cosmopolitan furniture, is very complete: it offers a chair of great design, an armchair without arms, and is complete dampened with an elegant XL armchair with arms. The three models of NUBA have solid beech wood legs, a piece of attachment to the seat in the form of a curved steel tube, and an ergonomic seat that in the armchairs is upholstered, and that in the chair can be both dyed or lacquered wood, as upholstery.


NUBA is customizable, offering the possibility to choose the finish of the legs, the seat and the one of the joining piece, making it a fully customizable collection. CANCIO,on its website, makes available to the consumer a CONFIGURATION in which it allows to choose professionals and any user, to the last detail of their chair or armchairs, being able to select all the finishes of the furniture. An intuitive and very useful tool to be able to visualize each part of the design, and thus choose the combination that best suits the needs of the space in which it will be distributed.

The firm presents a wide catalogue of shades and finishes.

-For beech wood of the legs and seats of the chair, you can choose between tinted wood (in a range of four shades) or also opt for lacquered wood, in colours ranging from the timeless: white, metallic, anthracite or black, to the daring: mustard, love-toll, red or violet.

-As for the upholstery option for the chair seats and armchairs, the signature gives the option to select from an interesting letter of textiles subdivided into the categories Mystic and Cotton,and an upholstery option with vinyls that has the categories Kanon, Scenic and Nobel. Both textiles and vinyls offer a very complete colour range ranging from white, black, grey or beige, to blue, green, orange or fuchsia, among others.

CANCIO completes the possibility of customizing its parts with four finishes for the Epoxy steel part that attaches the seat to the legs: white, anthracite, black and aluminum.


The design and versatility that CANCIO incorporates in NUBA is a great option valued by architects, interior designers, decorators and professionals of the contract sector, because they have before them a collection that can be adjusted to the style of the project concrete that are set to furnish.

NUBA meets the needs of a sector as demanding as the interiors of facilities, such as restaurants, cafes, bars or hotels, that seek differentiation without forgetting the functionality and comfort of the user. The result is a collection of perfect ergonomics and a style that does not go unnoticed.

In addition, the wide range ofapplied Mystic Textile in which NUBA seats can be chosen incorporate Aquacleantechnology, making them washable with water only. With this feature the maintenance of the parts is quick and easy, and also results in greater durability in perfect condition of the material, something ideal for commercial projects.

CANCIO is inspired by the essence of Nordic furniture and offers with NUBA a collection that enhances the nobility and warmth of wood and textile, enriching the quality of the spaces with a unique character.