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  -  Architecture   -  CANVAS& TWEED by AZUVI

The perfection of textured ceramics

The textile invites to the warm touch and presents a perfect natural beauty, something that AZUVI reflects with its collection of CANVAS&TWEEDcoatings.

CANVAS&TWEED is a collection that reproduces two textures in matte finish: the simplicity of the canvas in its CANVAS version and a tapestry in its TWEEDversion. Designed exclusively for coating, it is the ideal choice for spaces that seek the elegance of an exclusive material.

AZUVIoffers with CANVAS&TWEED a product suitable for interior design projects in which the walls have the prominence, a material that visually brings harmony and serenity, without forgetting a touch of character.

The collection is offered in a rectangular format of 30×90 cm and is available in different textures.













Both CANVAS and TWEED can be found in the Shades White, Natural and Mist, a timeless color gamut always on trend.

The type of finishes presented by AZUVI in CANVAS&TWEED is a perfect choice when it comes to creating spaces in which you want to unify the hue, with the advantages of being able to use it combining different textures. Complete the collection the CANVAS DECset, available in the Mist and Naturalcolors.









































It is trendy to use materials of different textures but with the same color palette. To have collections such as CANVAS&TWEED is to have at our disposal a material that guarantees an impeccable aesthetic, inspired by textile fibers.

AZUVI CANVAS&TWEED bring sofing quality and good design for unique projects.

Technical Features


White paste coating

Design:AZUVI Team

Colors: White, Natural and Mist.

Formats:30×90 cm

Finishes: Mate

Technical aspects Differentials:V2 detonified