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Accompany the purest and simplest rest

Good rest has a multitude of benefits that are noticeable inside and out. Our appearance, mood and mental state depend heavily on a quality dream, and for this the undisputed protagonist is the mattress. Senttix’s VIT collection is inspired by people and features elegant mattresses with fabrics of certified properties.

Within this innovative collection the firm offers four different mattress models, designed to achieve different firmness and sensations. Among them launches TONIQUE,the one in charge of providing a luxury break, with special care in our harmony and stability.

The fabric of the TONIQUE model has been designed to represent serenity and calmness, tranquility and well-being, purity and cleanliness, softness and warmth. A natural viscose fabric that provides a soft, fresh and healthy rest.

Belonging to the VIT collection means having a Hydra+composition, of beauty and protection in the skin. Hydra+ is a property added to Senttix VIT tissue to enrich it with probiotics, living microorganisms that when supplied in adequate amounts, promote health benefits.

Hydra+ probiotics produce carotenoids, organic pigments that are also found in the skin of carrots, watermelons and tomatoes. Carotenoids are antioxidants known to protect our skin from ultraviolet light and for preventing and restoring skin cell damage caused by aging. They stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells, which causes an increase in moisture level and greater softness of the skin.

TONIQUE is a mattress that stands out for being composed of merino wool, which is a water-repellent fabric, thus maintaining its breathability. This tissue is able to maintain the temperature in a stable manner, protecting the body from thermal variations of cold or heat. Thanks to the size of its fibers it allows moisture to absorb 30 better than other fabrics.

In addition, TONIQUE has great features to ensure a deep rest:


In its fabric includes the protection against electromagnetic pollution that reduces negative ions to the minimum expression, and makes disappear all the electrostatic charge that the body accumulates during the day, producing a decrease in the level of cortisol and, with it, a decrease in the level of cortisol and, with it, a deep and more relaxing sleep.


Inside is the MultiSpring block® of bagged spring that ensures a perfect hyperventilated support and in turn, the necessary softness and adaptability with its almost 1000 independent springs. In addition, it presents the reinforced central area for durability.













In addition, the TONIQUE mattress customizes its faces in such a way that by simply turning the mattress we will have a face adapted with a fabric exclusive for summer temperatures, leaving behind another face with a special fabric for winter, and to the Reverse.

  1. Winter face

In the upper layers, the closest to the body, and for the winter face, Senttix introduces the best and most natural insulation: wool, perfect for winter. In addition, together with the best wool introduces viscolastic foams and extra soft foams to make the winter side the most comfortable place in the world.

  1. Summer face

In this case, for the summer face, and also in the upper layers and closer to the body, introduces the natural absorbent material by nature: cotton. As cotton is not insulating, it is a hydrophilic material, it absorbs moisture that may appear on the mattress and helps its dissipation. Together with natural cotton, we find layers of memory foams and extra soft foams to make it the most pleasant of summer.

Senttix creates collections that are a true delight of comfort and beauty, because their mattresses, in addition to offering maximum comfort, present an aesthetic that takes care of every detail. TONIQUE is the rest option for a full recovery, making our dream the key to our well-being.