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The art of generating spaces with a 90-degree rotating bar

CANCIOstands for pure lines, on-trend materials and design solutions. For a stay as important as the kitchen, the firm has a collection of moving bars that stand out for their careful style and unique use comfort. BARRA 90 is a design that brings together all the necessary features to create spaces that improve the daily routine.

The 90 bar is designed to save space in the kitchen. Its 90-degree movement mechanism allows maximum use of the kitchen furniture, since closed can be adjacent to the worktop and once deployed, it offers enough space for the number of diners desired.

It is manufactured in up to six standard sizes (80x55cm, 120x55cm, 140x55cm, 80x65cm, 120x65cm, 140x65cm) and also the firm offers the possibility of being custom made adapting to the needs of each project.

CANCIO’s innovative design features wheels on the legs to make the turn smooth, as well as incorporating a locking mechanism that prevents it from moving while using it.










BARRA 90 has a wide variety of finishes,being able to choose a metal leg in the shape of a U or even cascading, with the same material on the horizontal and vertical surface. In addition, it can be supplied in parts, offering the possibility to choose the material you want for the surface of use, so that it matches the kitchen countertop or makes color contrast.






















Incorporate a BARRA 90 is a quick way to give a plus of modernity and versatility to the kitchen without reform, because the assembly system of the part is done by a double-sided tape system that adheres to any material on the surface.

CANCIO offers with the BARRA 90 the piece that guarantees a unique space.

Technical features

Collection BAR 90



  • 80x55cm, 120x55cm, 140x55cm
  • 80x65cm, 120x65cm, 140x65cm
  • It is also custom-made

Material and finishes:

Countertop and Waterfall

Laminate: White Oak, Natural Oak,

Glass: Anthracite Brightness, Black Brightness, Bright Red, Brightness Tortola, Bright White, Matte White.

Porcelain: Beton, Cement, Basalt, Nero, Artic, Calacatta, Iron Moss.


Epoxy lacquered steel: White, Anthracite, Black, Aluminum


Epoxy Aluminum: White, Anthracite, Black, Silver Anodized.