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  -  News   -  Font BARCELONA 5.1 Collection

Font Barcelona puts at our fingertips 5.1,the collection that represents the values and essence of EQUILIBRIO.

Font Barcelona is synonymous with the latest generation electrical mechanisms of very clean lines, worked with an extraordinary quality, which represent an accessible luxury lifestyle.

The firm presents in its collection 5.1 multiple finishes that can be combined. One of them is the brushed steel finish with the chrome lever. Brushed steel is a highly appreciated material in the world of contemporary design, with it, the electrical mechanisms of Font Barcelona acquire a pristine aesthetic and spaces a unique added value.

In addition, 5.1 presents very innovative finishes made with special manufacturing processes, to achieve a true article of quality and design.

Font Barcelona it offers a fully customized electrical mechanism that guarantees us a unique product. We can create a mechanism by playing with regulators, switches, plugs, pushbuttons, thermostats… to create the right electrical system for each project. In addition Font Barcelona is installed in the universal boxes of the market and adapts perfectly to home automation systems.

RPV starting at 70 euros.