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  -  News   -  Grey Sand, new Innovus color® Coloured MDF

In the world of architecture and design the gray color is one of the most used for its aesthetics and versatility. Innovus® Coloured MDF Grey Arena is synonymous with pure style elegance with the highest quality, ideal for sophisticated interior design. The brand takes into account the latest trends and expands its Innovus® Coloured MDF product portfolio through dyeing with an additional shade of gray. In addition, the new Grey Sand finish is formaldehyde-free and meets the highest requirements to ensure healthy environments.

Innovus® Colour MDF finish Grey Arena, created by Sonae Arauco, one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based products, which offers its customers a perfect combination and coordination of contemporary colors with high-quality, high-quality, end-quality, full-color medium-density fiber boards of first-class quality and with unique product characteristics in the industry. Due to multiple customer requests, the gray color, which, along with Black, is one of the best-selling of the successful brand, is available from now on in an even more attractive hue.

Innovus® Colour MDF finish Grey Arena gives a warm impression and gives the interiors good taste and a discreet look ideal for both the business and residential markets, providing luminosity and sobriety. Combined skillfully with pastel tones, metallics, imaginative designs or wood inlays, Innovus® Colour MDF finish Grey Arena gives rise to unique interiors that allow creativity to fly, resulting in cozy environments with architectural clarity – among other things, thanks to the visible wooden fibers, the characteristics of Innovus® Colour MDF emit the sensation of a natural product.

In addition, the new Gris Arena finish represents real development – not only in its color psychology. Compared to market standards, where each shade of grey tends to receive an E1 rating, the new Innovus® Coloured MDF has been glued with formaldehyde-free PUR resins, which guarantees an adequate environmental quality. In short, Innovus® Coloured MDF Grey Arena finish is a true all-terrain that with its coloration and ecological safety brings with it endless advantages.

Innovus ® Coloured MDF is:

  • Bright colors and uniform dyeing of the material.
  • Exceptional color stability and light resistance by means of BASF pigment preparations used.
  • Universal forms of machining and processing.
  • Easy to see, shape, lace, wax and coat.
  • Very high bending/resistance and fast screwing.

Learn more about Innovus® Coloured MDF at:

Tip: On request, the entire Innovus product range® can be combined on request when using Innovus® Coloured MDF as a basic material.