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  -  News   -  GREEN GREENERY: The color of 2017
Green “Greenery” is the color that will dye 2017 according to the Pantone Color Institute. Green is the color of hope, and this tone, with small strokes of yellow, evokes nature and conveys a sense of peace, optimism and a lot of vitality.

According to color authority, Greenery is inspired “in the early days of spring” and transports you to a world of rest to counter “our fast pace of life.”

In the decoration of the house is an ideal tone, as it adapts to any space: from the bathroom to the room, through kitchens and living rooms. In addition, it can be applied in any element, both on walls and furniture as well as on all kinds of decorative objects: wall paintings, wallpapers and upholstery, cushions, paintings, vases or candles for a more subtle touch. And, of course, let’s not forget about indoor plants, as they are an indispensable element in this trend.

When it comes to combining it, it is ideal to opt for neutral colors to give the green all the prominence it deserves. Raw, grey and earth in all its shades will fit very well with the color of the year. As far as materials are concerned, the green house perfectly with the other star of the season: wood.

In short, it is about recreating a natural paradise in your own home to recover that connection with nature that we need so much today.

We love the idea, so we leave you several inspirational photos of different projects executed by Barasona Diseño y Comunicación in which green is the protagonist.