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  -  News   -  Halotherapy in the sauna of INBECA Wellness Equipment

Every day it is more difficult to take care of our skin, take care of our lungs and lead a relaxed life. Creating a routine to devote time to our well-being is essential and making a lifestyle a success.

INBECA Wellness Equipment makes our moments of relaxation easier, getting our body to be revitalized absorbing all the properties that wellness provides us. The firm creates designs with advances in the care of our body and this time it does so by combining the sauna with salt therapy: halotherapy.

Halotherapy is a millennial therapy of origin in ancient Greece that became popular in the Slavic peoples when miners working in salt mines did not suffer respiratory problems and in turn retained their skin healthier and less aged.

This therapy consists of breathing an environment saturated by salt microparticles, so INBECA reproduces the microclimate of underground salt mines incorporating 100 percent natural rock salt walls of mineral origin in saunas.

INBECA turns this therapy into a trend, a trend that improves our health and enhances our beauty. Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of halotherapy in osteoarthritis, respiratory problems (asthma, rinitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, cystic fibriosis) and dermatological (urticaria, psoriasis, acne, atopic dermatitis, etc.).

We must not forget that halotherapy is also an effective anti-stress therapy. The pleasant light in natural tones ranging from white to orange and projected onto the salt wall installed in the sauna stimulates creativity and serenity.

INBECA incorporates halotherapy in the sauna that we want, making it a valuable object of well-being a beautiful decorative object.

The firm specialized in wellness equipment achieves with the halotherapy in the sauna an ideal element for both commercial and residential projects. Enjoying it in a hotel spa is a delight, and if it is in our homes the benefit is incalculable.