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  -  News   -  Supratex digital printing tablecloth

The limit is in the designer’s imagination

With more than 25 years of experience behind it, Supratex is a company specialized in the textile equipment of hospitality and collectivities. So they do not fall behind and are at the forefront of technological advances in textile material.

This time, we are presented with the tablecloth with the digital printing technique. Digital stamping is a breakthrough for the tablecloth, as the customer creates his own design and Supratex manufactures it to measure. The great value of digital printing is that there is no color limit, it allows for vivid colors, gradients and even stamping photographs. It allows designs impossible to reproduce in a Conventional Print, the table linen is customized to the customer’s liking adapting it to its decoration with endless possibilities and creating a unique environment.

In addition, from Supratex they also offer many designs with current prints so that the customer can assess the possibilities that they have at their disposal managing to design something unique. With this technique it is possible to achieve more defined, sophisticated and flawless designs.

As for materials, they use 100 polyester fabric bases that offer the highest print quality and high wash resistance offering long durability.

From Supratex they control the production process, from fabric manufacturing and design, to final tailoring or installation as the case may be, so they are sure to offer the best value for money on the market.