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  -  Noticias   -  “TENDENCIA EN EL BAÑO” presentation by Daniel Morata, CEO of Nuovvo® at Cevisama 2020

Daniel Morata, owns the company Nuovvo® and designer of all the products they manufacture. They currently manufacture shower trays, bathroom furniture and countertops in various materials such as natural stone, resins and Solid Surface.

Morata explains the trends of the present and future bathroom. He says that Nuovvo® they start calling them “the Bathroom Zara” because they always try to offer their customers what they are on trend as soon as possible. They go ahead, adapting the fashion of home furnishings to the bathroom environment.

Keep telling us what the trend is for them today, and we can see how they apply it both in their stands and in their products.

In its first image we can see the BATHROOM furniture, furniture that they presented in Cevisama 2020 and where they include a natural rattan texture, a product that is in absolute trend.

They have been able to make a craft product and involve it within an industry 4.0 project, since in their furniture factory they have the whole process fully industrialized.

Architects and interior designers are looking for products that attract attention, that make a difference in the interior design of a bathroom. And this is exactly what they have achieved with the BALI bathroom furniture, incorporating the craftsmanship of moistening, tightening, drying and manually placing the natural rattan, to get that exclusive piece in the bathroom that captures all eyes.

On the other hand, it tells us about the terrazzo trend on pavements. Trend to which they have also been advanced and already have two shower trays digitized with terrazzo, without any gasket so that we do not have to put the tile on the floor, and avoid problems filtration. To provide a solution, they have made a single piece, reaching two meters fifty by one meter wide. With its Creativeskin dishes® you can digitize the tile photo and make the dish look the same as the tile, so it offers a feeling of continuity and being all the same, but with the difference that being a shower we do not have joints between tiles and of course being a totally non-slip surface.

Morata also tells us about the trend of the open bathroom space, where in the same space is located bedroom and bathroom. This trend is found both in hotel and residential.

Evidently wood ceramics is the trend. In shower trays, the trend is the hidden drain.

They have 11 different models of bathtubs, to adapt the aesthetic always with the shower tray, and that in this way everything goes accordingly in the same environment. All bathtubs made with the highest quality NuovvoSolidmaterial.

The CEO of Nuovvo, talks about his Stand in Hall 6 of Cevisama, in which they have created a hotel room, a contract project called Mediterranean Project, for which they have been inspired by different islands and coasts of the Mediterranean such as Ibiza or Crete.

In it we can see the set of all the elements in a unified and real way. A bathtub, a shower tray, a bed, a seating area and the aforementioned Bali furniture. A clear example of the number of combinations we can make in a project based on bathroom trends.

Nature in the Bath is trending._ We see again the hidden drain in its NATURE shower tray and have also incorporated what would be a vertical garden, which is very fashionable outdoors, in corridors, in common areas, but the reality is that inside the bathroom we can incorporate it and thus give a touch of distinction to the room, especially in those bathrooms that do not have a window to the outside.

Morata, continues to talk about his MIO bathroom furniture, which is a piece of furniture in which his exterior shape has been thoroughly worked with very pure lines. In this environment they have also introduced the natural stone worktop with the same radius of curvature of the furniture and a bowl made of NuovvoSolidmaterial, a compact material, non-deformable and durable, which guarantees the highest quality and neatness.

Finally, he talks about his bathroom furniture ROME, novelty in the previous edition of Cevisama. In the image we can see again an open environment of a hotel room in which in the background we find the shower tray, on the left the bathtub and on the right the ROME furniture in which they combine MDF with natural stone. The firm always tries to use natural stone in its furniture.

The conference concludes with a sentence, which does not leave any of the attendees indifferent: “We have to be clear that we are either different or we are cheap.”