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  -  Bedroom   -  ECUS’s most sustainable rest systems made with Seaqual fabrics

ECUS rest systems use Seaqual fabrics made from plastic materials from the sea

we work constantly to ensure “The Good Sleep” of guests from a holistic point of view, in this way we guarantee happy, happy, safe and healthy guests.

THE MOST SUSTAINABLE REST.- In addition to watching over “El Buen Dormir” of the guests present, we also think of “El Buen Dormir” of future guests, collaborating on the sustainability via recycling of plastics that we integrate into our fabrics.

In many of our dreams the sea appears with all its beauty. However, if we don’t stop the spills of plastics that pollute our oceans and the marine life they contain, that beauty will disappear from real life. Every second, more than 200 kilos of plastic are thrown into seas and oceans. The 70 goes to the seabed and the 15 is floating. For this reason from
we want to make your dreams continue to come true and we help to restore the balance of the ocean. The Seaqual project involves collecting these plastics thrown into the seas and oceans and, using today’s technology, capable of producing textile fibers by recycling plastics, producing Seaqual fabric. So with these fabrics produced from plastic materials caught from the sea,we help to preserve natural resources and keep the oceans cleaner. With Seaqual fabric, we knit our rest systems, which guarantee us a good night’s sleep and a cleaner awareness.

SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT.- In addition, we can now take advantage of all our rest systems, coupled with all our shipments being pressed and rolled, allowing significant savings in transportation costs, as the need for cubic is reduced by 75.

For example, where we were sending 20 TC now we do it with 4 TC. Where we had to hire cranes to lift mattresses around the facades, we now do it comfortably by the elevators themselves and without any effort. In this way also, high quality mattresses can be served to other continents, making shipping a more efficient, sustainable and lower cost.