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  -  News   -  RAMON Soler’s ALEXIA® a design taps with four heights

It’s called ALEXIA and it’s here to fall in love. Ramon Soler®,always at the forefront has great designers to offer unique pieces. This time, the firm presents a collection of taps with slender and inspiring aesthetics that promises to conquer the most exclusive bathrooms: ALEXIA designed by Carmen Barasona.

The designer is inspired by conical and ergonomic shapes, paying attention to every detail of the taps, to achieve a delicate and at the same time dizzying effect, with a tapered pipe that ends up crowned by a lever of soft and minimalist lines. The volumes of the faucet and the set of dimensions of its parts make ALEXIA a tap of an ideal harmony, achieving total comfort for the user.

As a designer specializing in interior design, Carmen Barasona thinks about the different design possibilities when creating a sink area and makes ALEXIA the ideal collection by being available in four sizes, always thinking about the customer needs. The collection starts from size S to move to the M and L, reaching the XL, so this family can adapt to both a bowl sink, as well as to different sizes of traditional sinks.

The designer says that ‘many times we find exempt washbasins in which a faucet has been installed that when it comes to using it is uncomfortable, either because it does not have the right height or because the pipe is short, so have a collection that offers several alt is a primary factor.’ At ALEXIA you will find the perfect connection between design and functionality.

A unique design

  • The collection combines straight and round angles to give it a current and selective air.
  • It has a perfect right angle of 90o between the two volumes (body and pipe), which makes it a tap of perfect symmetries.
  • The designer gives the design a clean comfort by styling its volumes to the maximum:

Body – The collection has a conical body almost imperceptible at first sight that gives it great personality.

Caño – ALEXIA has a large pipe, designed so that when using the tap the user gets greater comfort. In addition, at the design level the bar profile is stylized to the maximum from its connection to the body to the outlet of the water.

Maneta – Its design is clean, and unlike most sink taps, it has no relevance so it does not compete with the body.