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  -  News   -  Ramon Soler’s new Catalog-tariff 2018®

Ramon Soler® launches the Catalogue-Tarifa 2018,which came into force on March 15, 2018. A new catalogue that presents the latest news of the firm, with the price rate included, through a groundbreaking and avant-garde graphic framework.

Continuous improvement is the raison d’eapproval of Ramon Soler®,always in development to be able to offer more than 2,000 products annually that meet the most demanding European quality standards and regulations, having AENOR certification in several of products. Proof of this is the 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects throughout your taps and 2 years for thermostatic, timed cartridges, electronic mechanisms and accessories.

In addition, its design concept is not only aesthetic. Following market trends and even anticipating, the firm conceives ergonomic products, versatile, with water and energy savings, safe and comfortable for the end user.


KITCHEN-. In the category of kitchens,the firm has developed new models, as well as technical improvements and new designs in the current series. Ramon Soler® presents kitchen taps for each user style, offering novel perspectives on the kitchen:

  • New collection in Solid Stainless Steel highlighting the semi-professional faucet with outlet for filtered water.
  • Range of removables updated in the main series.
  • High bodies for kitchen taps.
  • Ergonomic lever systems to prevent contact with the wall.
  • Easy installation.

LARGE SHOWERS-. Regarding the Large Showers segment, the extension of the Blauthermrange stands out, with the offer of an interesting Pack that includes 2-way built-in monocommand, ABS sprinkler, support, shower and flexo. A collection that continues to grow in thermostatic and single-command versions, in fixed and telescopic column, with sprinklers in ABS and metal finish, and of different dimensions, adapting to the needs of the public. Blautherm is equivalent to functionality, ergonomics, comfort and safety of use.

ELECTRONIC TAPS-. For the contract sector, Ramon Soler® offers collections with high performance. In the new catalog stands out a new series of electronic taps SOLTRONIC,incorporating a new European manufacturing technology. The offer of the firm meets the needs of the market, and in case of projects with special requirements can study its feasibility in its own department.

HYDROTHERAPY-. As for the hydrotherapyrange, it highlights a wide range of surprising sprinklers, avant-garde designs and diversity in the water outlets, causing unique sensations.

SUSTAINABILITY-. Environmental concern and the ability to offer sustainable taps is one of the objectives of the manufacturer’s philosophy, to achieve manufacturing and distribution in the most environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with current legislation. For this year, in addition to having a large number of parts that include water and energy saving systems, the firm presents a technical development in the Titaniumseries, incorporating the S2 water saving system.

The new Catalogue-Rate 2018 is offered in a visual and accessible way. The goal of Ramon Soler® is that both its customers and the general public have the most up-to-date information about their collections and innovations.

We are faced with a wide and innovative catalogue, a tool that improves the presence of the firm at the point of sale and facilitates communication with the final consumer.