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  -  News   -  Finnish Sauna Barcelona Line by INBECA Wellness Equipment

Avant-garde and relaxation

Enveloping design and warm sensations are the foundations ofinBECA Wellness Equipment’selegant Finnish Sauna Line Barcelona, a line inspired by the city, but with the relaxing impact that only a sauna is capable of Provide.

A sauna is a health space where you can relax the nervous system, stimulate circulation, oxygenate, eliminate toxins or improve muscle elasticity. Millions of people benefit from its advantages, and with more than 50 years of experience, Inbeca Wellness Equipment offers excellent finishlines, the result of the combination of the best woods and materials.

The firm has avant-garde designs ideal for latest trend projects, which combine beauty and perfect functionality. The Finnish Sauna Barcelona Line is a fully ergonomic and functional design, made with high quality finishes, which make this element of relaxation a luxury space.

Built and coated on the outside with high quality wood, it stands out for an interior with numerous details: anatomical heads and rounded profiles that maximize comfort, traditional hourglass, front panels between benches, automatic control of The temperature with control panel embedded in the front touch control screen, iroko floor floor, lighting and chromotherapy with LED technology and Birch bark ceiling. With this new line Inbeca has combined exclusivity, design, quality and functionality in a single cabin.

In addition, Inbeca Wellness Equipment offers the possibility to include interesting complements to the sauna to achieve a holistic experience in which the five senses participate, and thus obtain the maximum benefits of relaxation and purification: a starry sky, quiet music, aromas or the Salt benefits, which can be supplemented with a Bio Equipment that combines the atmosphere of the dry sauna with the steam bath.

INBECA Wellness Equipment we are approached by the exclusivity of a sauna of great appeal with the Finnish Sauna Line Barcelona,perfect to be installed in public projects, thus offering the possibility of creating high-character wellness environments.






Technical features

Finnish Sauna Barcelona Line


  • Wall modules: Spruce structure with 104 mm horizontal machine and spruce or hemlock studs, 12 mm board with fiberglass inner insulation.
  • Ceiling modules: Birch board Interior elements: Flat bench with front, fence, back rest, etc. In ayous wood Bottom ring: anodized aluminum.
  • Handle: Tubular stainless steel – wood / wood – wood
  • Door: 8 mm tempered glass, hinges in anodized aluminum. Step 61.7 cm**It can vary according to custom design.
  • Window: Laminated glass (5+5) 10 mm.

Electrical systems

  • Lighting: LED 12 V, white light. Control panel: Ecotouch. Heater: Depending on model
  • Connection: Silicone wiring 400 V III + Neutral + Earth230 V III + Neutral + Earth230 V + Neutro (Max 9 Kw)


Chromotherapy, Starry Sky, Screen, Bio Equipment, Hidden Heater, Automatic Water & Essence Dispenser, Salt Wall, Different Doors, Hidden Infrared System, Music Therapy, Water Cascade.