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Sensory beauty in a collection of the latest trends

RIVER is born from the intention of emborating the aesthetic enveloping of stone, a noble material that transports us to the most natural purity and beauty. Its development is the result of inspiration and the search for a matte finish in coherence with contemporary architecture, with a sensitivity that creates a select connection between functionality and design.

AZUVI’s RIVER colour line leads to a refined, greyish and warm contemporary style with a perfect apex of light to create sensory environments.

The firm presents RIVER in white paste coating available in rectangular format of 30 x 90 cm,being able to choose between two different textures: River,soft and uniform touch, and Scrat,with a textured linear relief that it decorates with a unique style and conveys the grain of the stone. Both River and Scrat are offered in natural tones such as Sand and Grey.

RIVER has pavement in square format of 75 x 75 cm in three shades: Sand and Grey,with which it offers to be able to unify the space using the pavement of the same tone chosen on the walls. And for those projects that seek a contrast between pavement and cladding can be combined with the Coalshade, a dark and elegant color. In 60×60 format, it is available only in two Sand and Greytones.

With RIVER the possibility to combine textures and tones in walls and floors, creating the sensations of nature, is an added value for projects that seek excellence in finishes.












RIVER recovers the solidity of the natural stone, marked by the durability and immutable character offered by porcelain tiles. A material with an essential authenticity in the world of architecture.

AZUVI achieves a porcelain with delicate touch and a visual richness that is the reflection of a design faithful to iconic trends. Introducing a material with the essence of RIVER in a space, fills it with balance.

Technical Features

Collection: RIVER

Design:AZUVI Team


White pasta

Formats: 30 x 90 cm

Colors: Sand and Grey.

Textures: River and Scrat

Finishes: Mate

Usage: Interior

Number of Faces: 7

Non-repetitive images

Technical Aspects Differentials: Detonified V2


Recommended RRP from 29.45 euros /m2+VAT



Porcelain colored mass

Formats: 75 x 75 cm rectified / 60×60 unrectified / 59×59 rectified

Colours: Sand, Grey and Coal

Finishes: Mate

Number of Faces: 9 in 75×75 /15 in 60×60

Non-repetitive images

Technical Aspects Differentials: Detonified V2

Recommended RRP from 17.22 euros / m2 + VAT