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  -  News   -  Thermoarola BLACK & WHITE by Ramon Soler: nature in the bath

The Arola BLACK&WHITE collection is a product of Ramon Soler’s excellence, launching pieces designed exclusively for customers looking for a trendy design in their bathrooms.

The thermostatic bathroom-shower mixer Termoarola BLACK&WHITE, with cascade water outlet and integrated inverter in the flow control, allows us to add to the bathroom an avant-garde piece of matte finish, white or black, giving an opaque brushstroke that stands out in case Single.

Technically it is very developed because its thermostatic system allows to graduate the water at exact temperatures, so that we save water and energy, avoiding sudden changes in temperature and burns, gathering a complete perfection in terms of care of the environment and care of people, making its use suitable for all ages.

Specifically, the Arola collection is designed by Antoni Arola and meets the demands of the current market: comfort, beauty and the sustainability of the planet, creating taps designed for the saving of natural resources.