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  -  Bedroom   -  Senttix LAB: your self-articulated mattress with active recovery band
Can you imagine having a self-articulated mattress that also incorporates a Warm-Up band with which you get the recovery and relief of tired legs, as well as for the improvement of lumbar and dorso-cervical pain? In Senttix they have achieved it and we are going to tell you every detail.

It is already crazy, a complete technological revolution,to talk about a self-articulated mattress. The mattresses of the Senttix LAB series

incorporate a safe, silent and imperceptible mechanism that turns them into self-linked mattresses without the need for a box spring to move them. It seems impossible right?

LAB mattresses work with a wireless controller that allows you to sit in bed to watch an episode of your favorite series, in addition to regulating the posture that at that moment is most comfortable for you. Imagine being able to read the
book of El Buen Dormir comfortably from your bed with the press of a button on the controller. Or imagine that, after a long day at the office and fifty long days at the pool, you want to relax your legs by raising them to improve circulation and promote rest. And all this at the click of a button, as if you were changing the channel on television. Stop imagining, because with the Senttix LAB series all of the above is possible.


And there’s more. To the ability to articulate on its own, we must add another innovative feature: the Warm-up, an active recovery band adaptable to 3 positions: legs, hips and cervical area. This Warm-up system

it has the European health certification of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, belonging to the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare of the Government of Spain, which recognizes its value for the recovery and relief of tired legs, as well as for the improvement of lumbar and dorso-cervical pain.



filler is composed of Celliant®, a fiber created from three minerals (aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide) that improves the oxygenation of muscle tissue, accelerating the physical recovery of the sleeper.