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Designing by helping the environment

There is now a concern for the environment because, among other things, many forests disappear due to deforestation. It is necessary to transform the home into a space more committed to the environment by choosing sustainable furniture- helping to find a balance of resources in the environment.

The CANCIO brand seeks less polluting solutions in its manufacture to contribute to sustainability giving a longer shelf life to its natural composition and attractive appearance materials. Thanks to its creations, it is possible to minimize the negative effects on the environment by improving the health and quality of life of the user, emphasizing the importance of greater well-being.

An idea of sustainable interior design improves the way it lives in addition to giving an environmentally responsible design continuity in the future avoiding the depletion of the planet’s natural resources. It is for this reason that CANCIO works to create furniture that helps to achieve an ecological balance with nature.

Photo: NUBA Chair of CANCIO.


CANCIOis a sustainable brand that uses beech wood of European origin from sustainably managed forests in which only 80 of what is produced is cut and for each felled tree at least two is planted.

In addition, it has other ecological materials such as porcelain,a material of 100 natural origin that does not release harmful substances favoring direct contact with food.

In addition, vinyl and textile upholstery are paramount materials for the brand. Vinyl is composed of a synthetic layer on a cotton support that guarantees an important long shelf life in sustainability. The textile upholstery consists of a fabric in which the fiber is slated with a mixture of a 70 linen and a 30 wool.

Photo: NUBA Collection of CANCIO.


The protection of wood is an important point since it depends on the life of the material and with it, the furniture. But we must not forget the fundamental aspect that characterizes the CANCIObrand: sustainability. For this reason, the brand stands out for using water dyes in the dyeing process as they have minimal impact on the environment because they do not emit toxic vapors or contaminants.

Photo: NUBA chair, L NUBA armchair and CANCIO NUBA XL armchair.


commitment to contributing to the improvement of the environment is remarkable thanks to the materials that use the brand and the measures it takes when making its furniture. For this reason, it is an ideal solution when it comes to decorating any home that seeks a touch of elegance and wants to follow a sustainable philosophy.