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Living matter transformed into elegance

Finishes are essential to achieve results that really make a difference in the interior design of a space. Exclusivity and customization are two great concepts that Font Barcelonbrings together. The firm combines latest trend design, high quality finishes and the possibility to install fully customizable parts.

On this occasion, the firm presents MORE,the result of the collaboration of the architecture studio MORE DESIGN with Font Barcelonato shape a distinctive design.

Font Barcelona’s MORE collection of electrical mechanisms has been awarded the Good Design Award, the oldest design award in the world. Created in 1950, it is organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

MORE arises in the context of a project in the Balearic Islands, where the challenge lay in the integration of the structure, shape and material of electrical mechanisms, within the line of the Balearic architecture style. To finally joinFont Barcelonacatalog due to its great success and excellent result.

Photo: More environment of Font Barcelona with three pushbuttons, polished natural brass finish.

The differentiation of MORE is given by the use of its “living matter” such as polished natural brass, which is migrating its appearance according to the passage of time, and by the exclusive use of mini pushbuttons as the only control system.

Photo: MORE by Font Barcelona with a pushbutton, polished natural brass finish.

The mini-presses created exclusively for this project, are faithful to the minimalist design of the prestigious firm. They follow the exclusive line of Font Barcelona and do not lose the purist and avant-garde character of the manufacturer. Its rectangular plate shape and minimal thickness give it a very attractive appearance that is completed with the mini-sized pushbuttons, thus achieving a unique design.

In addition, mini-pulers made of natural polished brass are suitable for automated or home automation installations.

Photo: More environment of Font Barcelona with two plugs, polished natural brass finish.