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  -  Architecture   -  Decorate your home efficiently and start saving

As we move into a new home, the expenses accumulate and we notice that we lack time to take care of everything. That’s why it’s normal for us to look for alternatives to save some money in the coming months. And what better than to do it by decorating your home efficiently? It’s easy to get a low-investment magazine look on a convenient and fast way to help you save on your household bills. Listen to our tips!


  1. Electrical installation

When planning the electrical installation for your new home you have to take into account both efficiency and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, before you register the light it is important to be clear the arrangement of the light points so that you can use as much natural light as possible and thus save on your electricity bills. Please note that the payment for registering the electric service is paid through the first electricity bill. If you are wondering how much it costs to register the light, you will have to consult with your marketer as it will depend on the electrical power you hire.

Please note the following points during electrical installation:

  • Power outlets should be placed in strategic and useful locations for everyday use.
  • Use light colors to make the spaces more illuminated. Dark colors make the rooms much off and therefore superior lighting will be required. In this same line, use thin curtains of light colors to let in as much light as possible.
  • Place spotlights in the kitchen and bathrooms making the most of the spaces of these rooms and always thinking about the functions they fulfill.
  • To achieve even greater savings, invest in LED bulbs which last longer and have higher energy performance.


  1. I natural gas nstation

As with plugs, radiators (both natural and electric gas) have to be strategically located in the home. Therefore, during installation before enlisting natural gas, plan where the radiators will be placed so that later, you can hide it with some furniture or even put a shelf on top to create a mini shelf. The same goes for the boiler:aesthetically it does not look good so you have to find some way to hide it for example, in a closet. If you want to know more about the procedure to follow during the discharge of natural gas, click here.


  1. Give him a second life

What better way to save on decoration for your new home than by reusing old furniture? You can buy cheap furniture and decorative items in thrift stores and customize them to your liking. Any old piece of furniture can become a unique piece that will give an original touch to your home. With a simple coat of paint or a new upholstery you can make any piece of furniture look like design and if you can’t think of how to give that old piece of life, you can always read the article Welfare goal where you will find the best tips for restoring furniture.