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  -  Architecture   -  Innovus Coloured MDF: an immense potential for creativity

Innovus Coloured MDFis a product that combines color and versatility with the natural advantages of wood.

Combined with skill, the Innovus Coloured MDF colour range develops new interior concepts, highly customized with a suggestive depth, resulting in cozy and balanced environments, marked by the architectural clarity.

Exclusive advantages in a single product

  • Resistant to light
  • No formaldehyde (Except Gray color, class E1).
  • Almost infinite possibilities of combination between the decorative Innovus® and the colored boards.

Unlimited creativity

Innovus Coloured MDF combines the high mechanical performance and ease of machining to the versatility of a block-dyed product, with attractive colors and light resistant.

Its production process ensures that Innovus Coloured MDF is perfect for a wide variety of applications in different spaces.

Create the product for you

Innovus Coloured MDF it is an easily transformable material given its properties, it can be machined, cut and milled easily, adapting to the demands of each project.

The nature of the wood is still present through the small fibers that maintain its original tone,giving Innovus Coloured MDF a natural and organic look.

If your creativity asks for color, texture and three-dimensionality, Innovus Coloured MDF is the solution.


Architecture and interior design

  • Commercial spaces
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Reception areas, stands and other applications in public spaces
  • Wall covering
  • Mechanized decorative elements

Coloured MDF features

  1. Colour stability

The use of specific pigments in the integral coloration of the product gives resistance to sunlight and guarantees a consistency in tone and intensity of color.

  1. No formaldehyde

Innovus Coloured MDF is a formaldehyde-free product designed to reduce its environmental impact. It functions as a carbon warehouse, helping to alleviate climate change, and is NAF-class certified.

  1. Fire retardant

Innovus Coloured MDF Black has a better reaction to fire, which helps reduce the risk of spread in the event of fire. The product has been designed to meet the most stringent safety standards and complies with DIN4102 (B1) and European standard EN13501-1 (B-S2, d0).

  1. Possibility of customization

Innovus Coloured MDF can be applied as is or, if you want to enhance it, it can be varnished or lacquered, combining different finishes in one piece.

  1. Mechanability and savings

Innovus Coloured MDF can be easily machined using most conventional processes. The result is clean, precise edges, saving time and resources by reducing subsequent finishing stages.

It also provides excellent performance in three-dimensional jobs, bringing color depth and texture to the final result.

Innovus Coloured MDF MF

Decorative solutions are now more versatile and almost infinite.

Innovus Coloured MDF MF boards are the perfect combination of melamine decorative products and the robustness and versatility of colored MDF boards. You can also get a surprising effect by machining the product to leave the color of the chosen core visible and achieve chromatic contrasts or elegant harmonies. Let your imagination run wild.

  • Innovus® Coloured MDF Wave is a machined MDF with wavy shapes for decorative application with excellent visual results.

  • Innovus Coloured MDF Form is a flexible 10 mm thick MDF, designed to create elegant curves in a simple, fast and economical way, allowing all the finishing options offered by Innovus® Coloured MDF.

COLORS: Innovus Coloured MDF is available in Black, Grey, Sand Grey, Earth, Raspberry, Royal Blue and Curri.

The color available for Innovus Coloured MDF Wave is Black and for Innovus Coloured MDF Form are Black and Grey Sand.


This is a timeless color, essential in the most complete color palettes. Considered a symbol of elegance, Black offers a range of sophisticated applications for a variety of environments.

Grey Arena

Under the slogan “Colour for every perspective”, Innovus Coloured MDF has expanded its colour portfolio and presents its new shade: the Grey Arena. Inspired by minimalist environments, the Gris Arena color follows the most demanding trends in the market: this tone meets the highest requirements of elegance and sophistication, which translates into spaces of high taste. In addition to the aesthetic component, the product contains no formaldehyde and combines all the features for customization and machining.


Related to softness, Grey is a great alternative to warmer colors. Essential and timeless, it allows the creation of sober environments, which, used as contrast, allow multiple combinations.


Inspired by the most natural elements, Earth tone takes on crucial importance. When used in interior decoration, this color conveys a sense of calm, comfort and quality, and offers the perfect approach for timeless, multifunctional décor.


The Raspberrycolor, inspired by the fruit of the forest, reveals a sustainable natural interior, in perfect harmony with nature. Alive and fresh, this color encourages creativity and gives rise to the most modern and groundbreaking environments.

Royal Blue

The blue color means tranquility and harmony. Inspired by these values and classic standards, we also find Innovus Coloured MDF in Azul Royal,which offers the possibility to create an elegant atmosphere through a unique color.


Inspired by the exotism of spices, Innovus Coloured MDF is presented in Curricolor, which refers us to alternative but equally hot environments. This color transforms common spaces into dareandous and unexpected places.