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  -  News   -  8 tips for getting a good night’s sleep in summer

When summer everyone says the same thing: “I can’t sleep at night in this heat.” At the moment, we can not control the time and choose that at night the temperature drops to 18-20 degrees, but if we can change some habits to fall a little better sleep, today we bring you 8 tips to sleep well in summer.

1.Avoid intense physical exercise before going to sleep

This advice is still a great classic, but it’s true. When we train, our body takes much more temperature and we activate, so with a body awake and with a high body temperature, sleep will cost us much more. Choose to play sports in the early hours of the morning in summer.

2.Turn off unused appliances

It may sound silly, but plugged-in appliances generate heat. Unplug everything you don’t use. And whenever you can avoid it, don’t use the oven. Turn on the oven in the kitchen in the middle of August to make a roast, a biscuit… it’s torture and you’ll get the house even more warmed up.

3.Eye to bed linen

Many people need to cover up even in summer. To avoid sweating more than the bill in summer, opt for sheets that are cooler like cotton or linen. If you can, choose sheets with few threads as they are fresher and lighter.

4.A warm shower is much better than cold shower

It is true that a cold shower in summer is priceless. We alleviate the heat of our body and make us want to stay underwater forever. But with cold water, we reduce our temperature and when we leave the shower, our body has to adapt back to the ambient temperature, so we get back to heat very quickly and soon we see each other sweating. To avoid this, the best thing is a shower with warm water, so our body will not make the effort and overheating to adapt to the ambient temperature.

5.Ventilating is still important

It is true that at noon we do not ventilate the house, but the first hours of the day when it is cool you do have to ventilate. All the air in the house is renewed, and we prevent the air from being charged (which we already have enough with the heat). With opening a little in the morning and another in the evening, or even leaving venting the house all night, is more than enough.

6.A good mattress remains essential

Having a good mattress is important at any time of the year. As a recommendation, you should know that a spring mattress is the coolest thing for summer. In the spring cores the air can circulate better inside the mattress, what does this mean? It means the mattress won’t hold the heat so much. In Khama you have several mattresses of packed docks,perfect for a good rest in summer and winter.

7.Have you tried sleeping with a fan?

It is true that it does not cool the air, it only moves it, but it serves to relieve the feeling of warmth in the room and prevent us from catching a cold. Sleeping with the air conditioner is more dangerous as we run the risk of catching a good cold. In addition, a fan is a cheap product and does not have excessive consumption.