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  -  Architecture   -  Innovus® Essence, elegance and nature

From the origin of wood as inspiration is born Innovus® Essence,the special range of decorative boards that with its colors and finishes transmits in a unique way the authenticity and naturalness of the wood on a melaminic board.

The wood offers thermal and acoustic properties, beauty and quality. It is a star material under construction and wood products offer a wide range of designs that allow you to create with total freedom, something that architects and interior designers are looking for when carrying out a project.

Innovus® Essence perfectly reproduces the feel of the wood’s touch, as well as offering perfectly graphic quality finishes. For this occasion, the firm Innovus® creates the range in two structures:

  • Rustic. From a Natural and creative texture inspired by the beauty of Oak and available in four shades, perfect for spaces that seek the roughest character of wood.

  • Authentic. A refined and contemporary texture inspired by the elegance of the Elm and available in five shades to install in spaces that seek the harmony and elegance of the wood.

Innovus® it offers the perfect material for projects that look for the essence of wood on a melamine board. Innovus® Essence It is the perfect ally for professionals, which by its infinite installation possibilities becomes a real luxury.

In addition, Innovus® Essence includes 10 carefully selected smooth colors, which are presented in the Rusticstructure, providing a decorative solution that represents the beauty and softness of painted wood

Once again, Innovus® delights us with a unique range.